Is This the Perfect Gift for a Loved One Battling Cancer?  

Mt was a Tuesday morning when Kate received the phone call shed been dreading. Her sister, Sarah, had received the test results she had feared. The tumor was malignant. Sarah had cancer.

 “I felt so helpless. It is hard enough trying to comfort a loved one going through something so frightening and being hundreds of miles away certainly didn’t help. I wanted to do something to show her I was there supporting her, regardless of our physical distance, but what could I do? None of the ‘usual’ gifts like flowers, food, or candy seemed right. I needed something deeper to express my love and support, so I started doing some research.”, Kate explained.

 Upon searching for that perfect gift, Kate took notice of a line of skincare products called Lindi Skin. It seemed like the rave reviews on their website and Amazon never ended. She was amazed at how many lives were positively impacted by these products. She learned that Lindi Skin was founded by a cancer survivor, Lindy Snider, who worked with a team of oncologists, dermatologists, and skincare experts to create a safe, gentle, and effective line of skincare specially curated for people battling cancer. Launched in 2003, Lindi Skin offers creams, lotions, serums, and washes that are formulated to soothe and relieve some of the common rashes and dry skin that can accompany cancer treatment. There is even a special hydro-gel cooling pad to help calm radiation burns.

As Kate read on, she found even more to love about Lindi Skin. Lindi Skin is made in the USA at an FDA-approved facility, is paraben-free, phthalate-free, and never tested on animals. Kate was leery of wasting money, so she was especially pleased to see that there was a Clinical Study proving that Lindi Skin works, and that Lindy herself still personally insists on a 100% hassle-free money back guarantee for anyone who doesn’t absolutely love her skincare.

 It seemed Kate had found her perfect gift. Within a few days Sarah received the thoughtful gift and was overjoyed.  Sarah loved the products and was truly inspired - telling Kate, “I felt so out-of-control at first. It’s all so overwhelming and discouraging and scary! But Lindi Skin helped me focus on one thing that I could control - my skin! Taking control over my own skin reminded that I still had more control than I thought. The emotional impact was as amazing as the products. I was ready to stand up and ‘Fight Back’, just like the company’s motto on the box!”.

 Now years later. Sarah is a happy and healthy cancer survivor. She credits Kate – and Lindi Skin - with helping her stay positive during her battle. Both Sarah and Kate consider themselves ambassadors for Lindi Skin. “Every time someone I know is diagnosed; I send a Lindi Skin gift set. It truly is the perfect way of showing support without overstepping. For every friend I send a gift to, I always receive the same wonderful response of gratitude for both the physical and emotional effects of these products.”

To learn more about Lindi Skin visit www.lindiskin.com or email Info@LindiSkin.com

The perfect gift is waiting for you.

Lindi Skin is Clinically-Proven to soothe skin irritated by cancer treatments. 

Names and identities  have been changed to protect the individual's privacy. Customer quotes have been edited for brevity and clarity.