Dawn Baker- “Skin Care Advice for Cancer Patients”

December 05, 2020

Halifax, Nova Scotia (Atlantic Breast Cancer NetOriginal Blog Post) March 1st, 2007

Lindi Skin is featured in a blog post by Dawn Baker for Chrysalis Spa & Skin Care Center. Read the excerpt below and click through for the full article.

”After having family, friends and customers experiencing skin related side effects from cancer treatments, I had never heard of any product on the market made specifically for cancer patients until a few months ago. Lindi Skin Care was brought to my attention by a co-worker whose mother was undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer. Her sister, who resides in Pennsylvania, the birthplace of Lindi Skin, sent her some products she thought might benefit her. She was hooked! Even her oncologist was impressed by her skin. The comfort that she experienced was something she wanted the world to know about! After doing a little research on the line, I realized that there was no one in Canada carrying the Lindi products. I contacted them right away to make them available here in Halifax. I felt it was a great addition to Chrysalis Spa & Skin Care Center considering our specialty was in helping those with difficult skin conditions” READ MORE

Chrysalis Spa & Skin Care Center

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