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Lindi Soothing Balm
Randal Usner

Our son purchased this product for me when I had radiation for my cancer. I really liked the cream because
it kept the soreness away. If I wore depends while on radiation this product kept me protected from that.
So I now ordered more product to keep me further protected. Love your products.


I can only speak to the products as reviewed by others. Those reviews and other Internet searches told me this was the best brand for my sisters friend who is a dear girl going thru chemo treatment. These products are the best gift beside your love and time you can give a chemo patient.

Lindi Body Lotion
Corrine Thompson

I am not doing radiation, I am doing targeted therapy The Erbitux dries out my skin and I have a rash on my forearms, The lotion did not help the itching, but it doe feel nice and the fragrance doesn't bother my allergies. I m glad it helps those have to do radiation and I would tell anyone i know who is going though that to give it a try.


I did not use your products but sent them to a friend just undergoing chemo for the first time at 88. She told me she loved the product and it felt so good and came at a time she really needed it.

Lindi Face Wash
Carol Broussard
Face wash

Great product!

Lindi Fight Back Pack
Patricia Johnston
Wonderful products

I ordered for myself and a friend who is going through lymphocyte transplant. These products are the best I've e ever used. I give them as gifts as well as use them. As an oncology nurse I recommend them highly to many patients.

Lindi skin cooling pads are a lifesaver

I couldn't believe how well this product worked. My skin was bright red from breast cancer radiation, after applying your product it took the heat out of my skin, soothed the burning and itching and was such a relief. I highly recommend this product for anyone going through radiation. Just wish I had found it sooner.

Lindi Soothing Balm
Paula Maier
Skin and body needs hydration

One side effect of chemo, especially Zeloda is hand and foot syndrome. It makes your feet feel like you’ve walked on burning sand, and your feet peel and even crack. I’ve tried many different products but I recently found these creams and lotions that have brought me great relief.
Lindi Skin was started by a cancer survivor, and the line is designed for the unique needs of patients with compromised skin. It relieves the effects of radiation, chemo and life!
My radiation burns are healing well (my radiologist gave me a gold star on Tuesday), but I still have sensitivity under my arm pit and discoloration in the skin behind my arm pit. Keeping these areas hydrated with all natural anti-inflammatory botanicals. Stay hydrated with 64+ oz of water or unsweetened tea daily and keep your skin hydrated too. Thanks @lindiskincare for your help.

Great Product

I started using this product after getting chemo rash. It is extremely gentle and leaves your skin feeling so comfortable. I have continued to use it even after my treatments ended.

A Must Have!

I found and used this product during chemo and radiation. I have continued using it even after treatment. My radiation oncologist was very impressed with the condition of my skin after my treatments were finished (I had 25). I 100% believe it was because I used this lotion consistently. It may seem a little pricey to some but worth every penny and it doesn't take much

Face serum

Excellent product! I have been using for 11 years since chemo.

Lindi Body Wash
Bridget Salmaggi
Your excellent skin care line

It's so exciting to be able to restore my skin with your beautiful products. I immediately felt the difference in my skin!

Feels good on the face

Feels good on the face. It is too early to talk about seeing benefits.


I was wondering between 3 or 4 star. It is a good product. I mostly wanted to use it for the nails. Unfortunately, if I should order every 2-3 weeks for all nails. I gave 4 stars because it is good for lips and will last longer. I like that it is a safe product for cancer patients.

Lindi Citrus Face Serum
Deborah Korner

I absolutely love this face serum. It makes your face ever soooo soft and you see results rather quickly.

The Best

I do the regiment twice a day. Face wash, lavender or citrus balm, then the moisturize. I put 1 pump of moisturizer and do the sign of the cross on my face. That is how little you need. I rub it on my face. At 70 years old battling stage 3 colon cancer, my face feels like a baby's bottom.

Lindi Soothing Balm
Melissa Medich
Soothes my rough dry feet

This cream is the best remedy for my dry feet a- so happy I found it. Great value Amd exceptional quality

Really works

I first used the skin pads after I had radiation and they really soothed my skin and reduced the burning. So I gifted them to my friend going through radiation now. She said it’s the only thing stopping the burning for her. Great product. Thank you!

Dual Use!

Used during chemo- only thing my sensitive skin seemed to tolerate, plus the scent was not nauseating! Now older and living in a drier climate. Not only do I use it, but my husband likes to use the lotion and especially the balm!


Used during chemo and loved Lindi face regime. Now a few years later, using it for aging skin- still works great!

great product

I used Lindi Skin lotion during my radiation treatments. I never really got any serious reactions. I would highly recommend this product. It feels really nice on my skin and smells really good.

Face serum

Great product, excellent moisturizer.

Feels light and silky and absorbs easily

Do NOT hesitate - Purchase this now

This was purchased for my dearest friend who is undergoing chemo. She reported back that "this skincare line really works!!! It made the chemo rash clear up and brightens the skin. Chemo makes you feel so dried out, it's nice to feel moisturized again!" In particular, she loved this trio. Out of the trio, she pinpointed the serum as the star of the show. An effective product with a money back guarantee - I am a fan and will continue to gift these products whenever possible.