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I have been using the Soothing Balm for years now. I have mature, sensitive and very dry skin. I mainly use it on my face, hands and elbows, it does wonders! It goes on smooth, absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave any residue, and it stops my skin from cracking, plus a little does go a long way. Customer service is A+, top notch, you couldn’t ask for more, thank you so very much for offering these amazing products!

Great product for dry skin due to chemo

It’s okay.

Bought this for my mother who is battling cancer. She has used it for a week and can’t tell a difference from this versus much cheaper brands. I was hoping that I could find something to help soothe her skin.

Lindi Soothing Balm
Marina Carlin
It's perfect!

I LOVE the balm ! I use it before putting on my compression sleeve each morning.

Lindi Soothing Balm
Patricia Prager
The best

This balm is wonderful! It soothes and heals.

Lindi Body Lotion
Tori Gravuer
Body Lotion For Everyone

I love the Lindi Skincare products! I started using them when I was undergoing radiation treatment for skin cancer. I got hooked on them to the point where I use the face serum, lotion and body lotion for everyday use! They are wonderful products that smell great and work really well! My skin is moisturized with products that do not feel heavy and greasy!! The customer service at Lindi is phenomenal a d personable! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING LINDI SKIN PRODUCTS FOR ALL NEEDS.

Magic lotion

This lotion is the bomb. I used it during radiation treatment and would recommend to everyone!

Lindi Body Lotion
Christie Detamore-Hunsberger
Saved my skin

After a couple chemo treatments my skin, especially my facial skin, was very uncomfortable and was a constant source of something to think about. I ordered Lindiskin products out of desperation. From the first application it was a game changer.

Lindi Lip Balm
Gregory Steger
Lip Balm

Fabulous , best I have ever used.

I was given this in ‘09 and I gave it to a friend now! The cooling balm is perfect during radiation!!!!

Lindi Soothing Balm
Natalia Arbuzov
Natural and safe product

I ordered actually a second order, I used it all. The balm is pretty nice and it does help, pricey! But more natural ingredients and you don’t have to be afraid to put it on your skin! Used it after chemo treatment.

Dry skin cure

This is the only product that my face will absorb and leave a smooth touch. It does not sit on top of my skin. I have finished six rounds of chemo.

Lindi Eye Hydrator
Joan Jambor
Dry eyelids

Finally a product that adds moisture to my eye lids. Stops the flaking.

Lindi Soothing Balm
Marion Ostosh
Lindi smoothing Balm

I found this lotion back in 2012, its a life saver for anyone taking treatment of radiation I never got sunburn or had sores, tell anyone to used this lotion , I know its help me.


Great stuff, SMOOTH, goes a Long way and stay’s on for a While unlike some other Products out there. I’ll be Buying More.

Lindi Fight Back Pack
Elizabeth DeMarco
Best defense against ravages of chemo

I love this product line! My face has really aged from chemo. I tried many products without much result. I decided to try Lindt and purchased the fight back pack. After a week my face feels incredible. Even some of the new lines on my face have gone away! I’m sold! I will get the full sized bottles as soon as I can afford to do it.

Lindi Fight Back Pack
Marian Hannaford

The person I sent it to, loved the gift.

Face serum … she loves it

My cousin is enjoying the face serum and loves the lavender smell. Her skin is very dry going through chemo and this helps.

Lindi Face Moisturizer
Patricia Prager
Best moisturizer

I use the moisturizer and serum. Love them!

I purchased this product as a gift.
I have ordered it a few times for others
who have had cancer. Each one truly loved the product. Will probably order again from Linda.

Wonderful face moisturizer

I was given this face moisturizer during chemo and radiation treatment. It is fabulous. I have continued to use it since.

Best serum

I was given this face serum during chemo. My face was extremely dry. I have continued to use it as it is wonderful.

Facial treatment

I just received the facial wash, serum and moisturizer. As cliché as it sounds, my skin felt soft immediately! Soft and smooth and clean and hopeful. I very much like these lovely products.

Lindi Fight Back Pack
Cynthia Sargent

Had a terrible reaction on my skin from the facial products. I did like the body lotion (great for my scalp as I go through chemo) but found the body wash also irritated my port.

Gift for a friend

Did not purchase for myself. Purchased two years ago for a friend who got cancer. She loved your product. She got cancer again and I purchased again for her.

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