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Essential Chemo Skincare Collection:Body Lotion + Soothing Balm + Face Serum

Lindi Fight Back Pack
Yvonne Sabyan
Great gift for a cancer patient

This is a wonderful gift to give anyone newly diagnosed with cancer as it has most items in a small try on size. I received this as a gift and fell in love with the products. I’m still using them after chemo. My skin loves the products and I feel more myself.

I satisfied

Some tube product hardened, obviously old product.
Foil was do old could not peel it off on there tubes.
Will not be purchasing again.

Amazing Product

I started using this product a few years back, my lips started to chap and no matter what I used (natural, organic, petroleum based, etc..) nothing, absolutely nothing worked. I was recommended this product by someone who at the time was going through chemotherapy.. In less than 1 day I noticed a difference, by day 3 my lips were completely healed. Now not only I use this product (and their amazing Lavender Face Serum) daily, my children use it as well. 3 kids under the age of 10; they apply the balm when they start to feel their lips beginning to dry and it usually takes one to two applications (in the evening before bed) and they are good to go.

One container usually last me anywhere from 4 to 6 months, even while sharing with my kids and using it every evening. I personally have tried many different brands at various prices (even more that this balm) and for me this product is absolutely worth the price; it works!!

Eye Hydrator

Absolutely love this eye cream. It definitely lives up to it's name. It's very hydrating but also very light feeling. Pretty sure I will keep using it after I finish my chemo.

Lindi Face Wash
Fabulous product line

Love the products and service. Have stocked up for self and gifted to others. Excellent!

Lindi Face Wash
Rufus Romero
Best face wash I have ever used!!!

Went on very smoothly Did a good job of cleansing. Made my skin feel silky. Thanks for having for cancer survivors.


Seriously my face looked like I feel and now my face is glowing - cannot recommend enough! Using the face wash, serum and face moisturizer

Lindi Eye Hydrator
Alyson McKenzie

I like this product a lot. It’s got a good feel (like a gel) but it is hydrating and my eye area is very soft as a result.

Quality Not Quantity

Lip balm is very small for the price. It is a sample size. It is very nice on lips and cuticles but size should be a bit larger.

Lindi Soothing Balm
Dorothy Worrall
Lindi Soothing Balm

Lindi is a miracle cream. It's so effective for radiation treatments to keep the skin from becoming dry. Strongly recommend.

Best Product

I had a horrible Chemo rash on my face. The nurse said it was the worst one she had seen in over 20 years. I was seeing a dermatologist and the steroid cream helped but once the rash cleared it left my skin super dry and scaley, along with living in a dry climate. To put it mildly, my skin was ruined. I decided to buy the box of samples from Lindi. The lavender face serum is amazing. It nourished my skin under the super moisturizer I had already been using and my skin is almost back to normal. I have completed chemo and radiation and still use it. You can also use the citrus one but I like the calming smell of the lavender. This product is a game-changer for anyone going through the harsh chemicals of cancer treatment to had scaley dry damaged skin for some other reason. It is worth every penny. It sooths my skin even now.

Lindi Body Lotion
Joanne Harroun

Excellent product.

God sent😊 Wonderful !

This is the first time I am trying out Lindi Skincare since I developed very bad acne like bumps on my face after the EGRF treatments. I was on antibiotics from my oncologist which helped a little. Decided to google and found Lindi with rave reviews. Took a little while to reach Singapore but all worth it! This is my 4th week using the face cleanser , face serum and face moisturiser and I felt my face was getting better each day:) Products soothed my skin and it does not look as much angry and red . Hopefully it will improve even more as time goes on! Thank you Lindi!

Joan's thoughts on Lindi serum

Great product. I live in a very dry climate and this serum is wonderful to smooth the skin first thing in the morning.

The Best Skincare for Chemo, Radiation and Beyond!

I reviewed Lindi in January and wanted to update my review. I absolutely love the Lindi line of skincare. Chemo and radiation dried my skin and caused it to flake, peel and feel dry all the time. I found Lindi while doing a search for chemo/radiation skincare products and tired the skincare trio of serum, lotion and body wash. I use the serum and lotion after my shower while my skin is still wet and before I towel off; I was amazed at the instant relief and cooling properties they provided. I finished radiation in December 2022, and still use the body wash, serum and lotion daily. I use the serum specifically on my chest where the radiation was. My skin is healed, soft, supple and stays moisturized until my next shower. I only experienced one small blister from the radiation I didn't use the lotions on that area until it healed, but used it everywhere else. I am a life long customer after seeing the results for myself. My skin is just slightly tan from the radiation but the skin feels just like the rest of my body, Lindi is amazing. Even if your skin hasn't been compromised by chemo or radiation, this is still the best skincare around! I'll never go back to anything else. Well worth the price and when used on wet skin a little goes a long way! I'm giving the into set to my oncologist so she can try it for herself and see why I'm asking her to tell all of her patients about Lindi skincare. I wish someone had told me about Lindi before I started my treatments!

Love it..

Lindi Eye Hydrator
Sharon Bledsoe
Best for Itchy Eyelids

I have been using Lindi Eye Hydrator for a couple of years now. It is the only eye moisturizer I have found that soothes the itchy skin around my eyes. Recommended.

Lindi Body Lotion
michelle Witter
All the products

They work on radiation and chemo skin I’ve had great success using these products 2 Tim’s a day really soothing

Lindi Lavender Face Serum

I absolutely love Lindi Face Serum!
It feels like liquid silk on my dry skin.
It's the first thing I put on after I've cleaned my face, morning and night.
It is so moisturizing, never greasy feeling.
I had never heard of Lindi Face Serum until my man friend received a 'cancer packet' filled with
various items beneficial to cancer patients; the sample of Lindi Skin Face Serum was the best thing
in the box.
I've continued to use Lindi Skin because it is a great product for dry skin,
Highly recommended by me, a 73-year-old with dry skin!

Lindi Lip Balm
Debra Lovejoy

Will start using my cream and lip balm at my rad.tmts. later this wk.

Love it!

Always have, since trying Lindi back in the 2000s. Chemo ate up my skin; Lindi helped correct the dryness, redness, and dead look.

Lindi Soothing Balm
Denise L Rellar
Love the Soothing Balm

Found these products when undergoing treatment for cancer. I never stopped using them. Soothing Balm works wonders on your hands and feet.

Lindi Face Wash
Nancy Starrett

Refreshing products

Skin care

I felt like this product was old the skin lotion had nothing in it. I would have loved to try this product.

Hi Tina,
Assuming you ordered from our Website (beware Ebay and other online sellers) all of our product is only a few months old. However, it sounds like you may have received a defective Body Lotion tube, so we're shipping replacements today.
All the best,
Lindi Skin