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lip balm

my husband thinks this lip balm works better than all the ones he's tried while going through chemo.

Lindi Body Lotion
Jamie Del Balso
Glad I got more than a sample

Awhile ago I received a sample of Lindi lotion from a provider. At the time my hands and feet weren't suffering. But when my medications began to take their toll this winter, I wanted to get some more of the lotion. I bought the sample pack along with two types of lotion. I was curious about the face products and body wash. Love them all! Would love to be able to buy the smaller sample size lotions to throw in a bag or purse.

saved my husband's skin during radiation

an amazing product for people going though radiation

Only think that seems to help my arms after chemo, too expensive to use on legs as well.was just informed that I will be in treatment for the rest of my life.
I use daily.

Purchased as a gift:

I purchased this as a gift for a family member who is starting radiation for breast cancer. My best friend has gifted this product to at least 3 people who have been through radiation and all reported these products helped. I started with the body wash and lotion and added on the balm and roller. She is just now starting radiation and I am sure these items will help. I have noticed a number of individuals who started these products during radiation and chemotherapy and continue to use them on a ongoing basis.

I hear good things

I researched this product out because I wanted to gift my daughter with something that would help her as she goes through chemo treatment. She loves the smell and the lotion her husband rubs on her arms and legs to help with the pain. Goes with out saying I just want to help her. This product helps her.

Lindi Body Lotion
R. Slattery
Very good body lotion

I had my first chemo treatment and my skin got extremely dry. I looked up gentle and pure body lotions and balms onlone and found Lindi Skin care. I was
so impressed by the company's story. This is a very good body lotion and I can feel safe and good about using this product.

Waiting to hear from you on my latest order problems.

Hi there,
It appears that the issue is that you attempted to apply two coupon codes & our site can only accept 1 code on each order. We have applied the best available offer and have contacted you directly. Thank you.

This was a gift

I hope it's helping my niece going through Chemo. This is all very recent.

Lindi Fight Back Pack
Lauren Catlin
Great Starter Kit

Many times it’s hard to decide what to buy or if you will like a product and you don’t want to get something and it not work for you. This kit is not only a great gift, but also a great way to try out the products before buying the full size versions! Love all of the items in the kit, but particularly the face soap and face serum!

Lindi Fight Back Pack
Vicki Schroeder

Every cancer patient needs these products 😊 they make them feel so much better during the hardest days ❤️

Lindi Skin Cooler Pad
Vicki Schroeder
Beyond amazing!!

I purchased the cooler roller and pad for a sister-in-law 16 years ago and it was amazing then (she is a 16 year stage 4 breast cancer survivor)
Nothing worked after radiation like this. So I just had a sister diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and got it for her too. What a blessing this product is!! I wish it was available to every cancer patient dealing with radiation ❤️

got extra package

I got a 2nd package that I did not order - I ordered #15505 ESUS111956341 and ALSO got #15506 ESUS11195643

Cooler roll

Really does cool down the heat

Lindi Lip Balm
Holly Chandler
Lip balm

Relief doesn’t last as long as I had hoped, but it’s a nice product


I just started using it so I can't comment on long term effects but it feels soooo good on my skin. Feel like putting on velvet! If it works this will be my new skin care even after chemo!

Lindi Body Lotion
Cindy Diber

I am so grateful for all the products!!!

Lindi Eye Hydrator
Patty Murdock
Super dry skin

This is the only lotion I’ve found that I can use on my face without burning. I have side effects of a immunotherapy medication (vectibix) it drys everything out all over my body. I’ve had a hard time finding (and I’ve tried them all, almost) anything that wouldn’t burn my face. This doesn’t . I also use their under eye serum and chapped lip balm. Also their isn’t any offensive or medicine type smell. It has a smell but it’s not fragranced and goes away after it’s put on. I have a super sensitive nose.


I have been using Lindi products for several years. During cancer treatments and I continue to use every day.

Lindi Body Lotion
Laurian Reiners

Lindi Body Lotion

Lindi Saved My Skin

I have always had great skin and very few problems with keeping a clear complexion. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and knew I’d be undergoing chemotherapy, one of my biggest concerns was how it would affect my skin that had always been so healthy and clear. My husband started researching it and found the Lindi Skin site with products specifically designed for cancer patients. We were thrilled and bought me the complete chemo care skin package! I have been using it for 6 months now and absolutely love it!! I’ve had a few minor breakouts on my face, but overall I have been able to maintain my complexion and am so happy this product has helped me do it. I highly recommend it to anyone going through chemo, radiation, or those who struggle with highly sensitive skin. These products are well worth it to keep your skin healthy and pampered!!

Lindi Body Lotion
Barb Mainiero

Lindi Body Lotion

Fabulous Stuff - Problematic Bottle

This is the best radiation treatment cream I have found. It deserves 5 stars. Unfortunately, a little over halfway through use it refuses to come out of the bottle using the pump. I have to turn it upside down and manually dig the cream out of the bottle. Messy and awkward. Surely Lindi could do better.

not sure

i used it once and the next morning has a few breakouts, afraid to try it again

Calming and cooling game changer

These products brought me peace in the most difficult time during my cancer treatment. The cooler roll provided such relief from burning and itching. Even now post treatment it is so soothing on my skin. The lotion has helped my skin both durning chemotherapy and radiation. So so thankful for these game changers. I so wish that they were most readily available in Canada for all facing the breast cancer challenge

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