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Help someone cancer journey with "Pay it Forward"

Getting the diagnosis of cancer was devastating. Finding the Lindi products to help my skin and my spirit heal was invaluable. Lindi "Pay it Forward" allows me help someone else on their cancer journey have use of the products that they would normally not be able to afford.
Thank you Lindi for offering this services it is priceless.
Carol B.

I have been using Lindi skin products for years since 2015. Introduced to products at Mayo Clinic after a stem cell transplant. Great products!

Love it

I have been using your products since I finished chemo. Love the feel of the products on my skin.

10 Years Cancer Free and Still Loving this Face Regimen

I have tried other products but I always keep coming back to this regimen. Most recently I was diagnosed with rosacea and I tried using Lindi moisturizer and face serum only on my face and the small bumps/ pimples went away. It seemed like the reddened skin improved some also but I don't know if that could have also been due to cooler weather. Anyway, I do not have to take the prescription medicine currently and that is seals the deal for me with Lindi!

Face Refreshing Regimen: Face Moisturizer + Face Serum

Lindi Soothing Balm
Susn Cowden
Life savor!

This has made all of the difference during 30 rounds of radiation. It soothes and cools down the affected area and makes the next treatment bearable. I have 4 more treatments and may not peel because I started this!

Lindi Body Lotion
Jan Broschart
Body Lotion

Clear my dry skin in days. Love the way it goes on not greasy at all.

Lindi Body Lotion
Pamela Smith
Body Lotion

Been using for 5 years and love it!

Lindi Face Moisturizer
Michelle Creasman
Amazing !!!

I got this for my mom who is going through chemo for breast cancer. She is LOVING how it makes her skin feel, and has even had friends complimenting her skin. It has been a treat for her to be able to use this product as most skin care is off limits for chemo. Definitely recommend for anyone getting chemo therapy!!


No other hand cream/lotion cures my chronic dry hands like this balm.

Made a huge difference!!

I suffered with chemo rash and knew I had to try something. I had received a sample of the face serum in a gift box and decided to order the face routine. I was not disappointed!! My skin is doing much better this time and I’m so thankful.

Lindi Body Wash
Pamela Smith

Been using this product for 5 years and will continue… nothing better.. the Best

Lindi Eye Hydrator
Michelle Creasman

Lindi Eye Hydrator

My skin loves this!

My skin is really dry from chemo. I've tried several products; this one is definitely works best. So glad I found you!

Lindi Eye Hydrator
Carolyn Land
Wonderful products!

Your products are outstanding. Do what they promise.

A Gift

I wanted to do something for a close relative that has to have several chemo treatments a week. I googled skin treatments for chemo patients and Lindiskin products showed up. I read the reviews and decided that this product might help her. I ordered the product and it was sent out immediately.


Someone I care about deeply has a glioblastoma and his head gets so hot. The skin cooler roll and gel pad give him so much relief!

Excellent Products

I'm so glad I found the Lindi Skin products to help my skin during chemo. My skin has been so dry and I've been dealing with chemo rash. Lindi Skin has helped so much. I've been using the face serum, face moisturizer, body wash, body moisturizer, and soothing balm. All of the products have been so nice on my skin. I will probably continue to use them even after I'm done with chemo.

Lindi Fight Back Pack
Barbara Mc Donnell

No comment, as this was a gift.

My citrus serum

I have always loved this product! It makes my face so soft and healthy! Highly recommend it!

Thank you.

Was the perfect gift to let a dear friend know we were thinking of her. She loved every product and it made her feel like she was at her own spa. She said it picked up her spirits. Exactly what we wanted to happen. Small blessings during a challenging time.

Relative received package

I will let you know when she uses the products. I like the idea of samples so that I can then get her a bigger size of the one that works for her. I'm on a limited budget and can only do one product at a time.

Successful part of Chemo rash control

Along with Pepcid, this face regimen kept my severe chemo rash at bay...I was getting open sores around my eyes and month. This was such a game changer for me. I was surprised by the lip balm...it made a huge difference - no, what I call, Clown Mouth (swollen red area circling my lips). I am receiving so many compliments on my skin now...it is so soft to the touch and feels so good, even better than the regimen I used before Chemo.

I Want to Marry this Product!

Crazy good relief after Radiation. Totally cools and calms irradiated tissue.

Lindi Skin Cooler Roll
Sarah Garrison

I had breast cancer, and after radiation I blistered. And this was the only thing that took that sting out.

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