Lindi Skin FAQs

What makes Lindi Skin superior to other skincare products?

Lindi Skin products contain LSA Complex®, an exclusive formulation of concentrated botanicals that deliver high levels of beneficial antioxidants to the skin. All of our products are made with the finest ingredients to help you reclaim your skin.

We also like to say that "What's NOT in Lindi Skin is almost as important as what is in it".   By that, we mean that Lindi Skin contains no acids, no peeling agents, no harsh chemicals, no metals and no harmful ingredietns found in many skin care products.  

Is Lindi Skin safe?

Lindi Skin products were developed with an advisory team of doctors and scientific experts. All of our products are dermatologist tested and allergy tested, and our formulations follow cosmetic industry standards.

Are Lindi Skin products all natural?

All of our products contain botanical ingredients that originate from plants. While the industry is working to define a standard that can be adopted for “natural,” the guideline is not in place for personal care products at this time. All ingredients have been approved by our Medical Advisory Board as both safe and effective.

How can I get a list of ingredients for a particular Lindi Skin product?

If you are interested in the ingredients displayed on a specific Lindi Skin product this information is shown on the product details pages of our website. Go to the product's page and scroll down until you see the "Ingredients" tab.

Is there a drug or active ingredient in Lindi Skin?

No. Lindi Skin is not a drug. It is a full line of skincare products classified as cosmetics. Lindi Skin does not require a prescription.

Do Lindi Skin products contain alcohol?

Contrary to the assumption that alcohols act only as drying agents, the alcohols in our products are those typically used in personal care products and work as moisturizers and emulsifiers.

Are Lindi Skin products scented?

Some of our products are formulated with a light scent to enhance the overall experience. The scents are created using only natural compounds and were selected by a focus group of cancer survivors along with doctors. All of our products are dermatologist tested and found to be non-irritating.

Can I request a sample of Lindi Skin products?

We do our best to get samples into the hands of people who can benefit the most, so we have an extensive medical sampling program to distribute samples via healthcare professionals, cancer centers, and doctors offices.

If you are a healthcare professional or under the care of one and would like to have your practice included in our Sampling Program, please email: medical-samples@lindiskin.com and include your name, work email, contact phone number, and the name of your practice or medical office.

If you are an individual and would like to try a Lindi Skin product, we encourage you to simply place your order.  With our 100% Money Back guarantee, if you aren't entirely happy with your product, simply contact us for a full refund.   It's the perfect way to "sample" our products.   We've had this policy in place since 2003, and so few people decide to return their products, that we are able to offer this as your chance to sample Lindi Skin. 

Where can I purchase Lindi Skin products? How do I find a store near me?

In addition to this website, Lindi Skin products are available at leading hospitals, medical centers, cancer facilities, pharmacies, spas and specialty boutiques across the US. Find Lindi Skin products at a store near you by visiting our store locator.

I’d like to carry Lindi Skin products in my store. How do I become a wholesaler?

If you are interested in selling Lindi Skin products in your store, either send an email to sales@lindiskin.com or or call us at.

Does Lindi Skin carry a shampoo that is good for people battling cancer?

Lindi Skin does not have a separate shampoo, but Lindi Skin Body Wash is excellent for gently cleaning your hair and scalp - whether you've lost your hair or not.

Does Lindi Skin make a deodorant?

Lindi Skin does not carry a Deodorant. But you can find a non-metallic deodorant at one of our partner's sites - Lots To Live for.

How do I use a Gift Certificate code?

To use a Gift Certificate, add your items to your Shopping Cart, then click on "My Cart" in the top header of any page. Near the middle of the page, you will see a box labeled "Discount Codes: Enter your Coupon or Gift Certificate Code if you have one. "Enter your Gift Certificate code here and click "Apply"

Does Lindi Skin ship outside the U.S.A.?

Yes, Lindi Skin does ship internationally. On the Checkout Page, will see a country drop down box. Simply choose your country and enter your shipping information. The Checkout Page will then display your shipping charges & options. If your country does not have postal codes, please enter 0000.

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