Chemo Skin Care Facts

Lindy Snider

"We've found that getting the right information is just as important as getting the right chemo skin care product.  Many people falsely assume their skin issues are 'just part of chemotherapy' and that nothing can be done.  We've made it part of our mission to let people know that they CAN and SHOULD take good care of their skin, even during chemo.... ESPECIALLY during chemo!"

      -Lindy Snider, Cancer Survivor and Founder of Lindi Skin

Chemo stinks.  There's no way around that fact.  But that doesn't mean that you can't prepare for it and meet the challenges head on.   Unfortunately, not everyone knows what the side-effects will be and that there are ways to minimize or avoid them  A 2010 Northwestern University study found that many people on chemotherapy were unprepared for the skin-related side effects of their chemo.  The study also found that a good regimen of quality chemo skin care products like Lindi Skin can relieve, minimize, or help prevent these skin issues. 

What to look for in skincare during chemo:

1. Gentle, gentle, gentle.

Most of the skin care products on the market are designed with the goal of helping the user stay younger-looking. One of the ways to accomplish this is to exfoliate, which involves peeling and stripping away the top layer of skin cells. As a result, many skin care lines contain alpha-hydroxy, acids, and other agents designed to peel away skin cells. When you are dealing with chemo, heavy exfoliants and harsh scrubs are not appropriate and can further damage the skin.

2. Hypo-allergenic

Chemo can interfere with your nervous system and this can cause you to develop strange reactions to things that previously never bothered you. Using hypo-allergenic chemo skin care products reduces the risk of your skin being introduced to new potential allergens.

3. No harsh chemicals, dyes, or perfumes

The average skin care product is designed by a marketing team. They care mostly about what products will look good on TV and will appeal to the senses of its users. To get this result, they often load their products with perfumes, dyes, and other harsh chemicals. During chemo, you don't want to subject your skin to products containing those types of irritants.

4. Moisture & hydration are key

Some skin care products are loaded with drying agents and "anti-oil" ingredients. But, during chemotherapy treatments, skin tends to dry out without any help. Therefore, you should look for skin care products that deliver moisture, rather than stripping it away.

Why Lindi Skin Is The Best Skin Care For Chemo Patients

Since 2003, Lindi Skin has been delivering the leading skin care line designed and produced specifically to meet the unique needs to people undergoing cancer treatments. Our safe, gentle, hypo-allergenic line was designed and tested by a team of oncologists working closely with a team of dermatologists. Over the past decade, we've been endorsed by thousands of users and dozens of doctors to be safe and effective in caring for the skin of people who are battling cancer.

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