Dry, Itchy Skin

Trusted by cancer patients since 2003 to alleviate the dryness from chemotherapy, Lindi Skin is ideal for ANYONE with dry skin.   Lindi Skin's formulas feature rare botanicals, antioxidants, and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that provide deep hydration without harsh chemicals. Perfect for soothing and nourishing dry, sensitive skin, Lindi Skin enhances your skin's natural beauty while offering gentle, effective care.

Lindi's Body Lotion contains our highest concentration of anti-itch ingredients and provides fast relief for dry, itchy skin. Combine it with our Body Wash and Soothing Balm (for especially dry or cracked areas) to nurture and promote healthy skin. These items can be purchased separately below, or found in one of our money-saving collections on our  Body Collections page.

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