Excerpt on Lindi Skin from: “Forever Young- Skin Care continues to target aging consumers with youthful desires and money to spend”

December 05, 2020

(HAPPI: Households and Personal Products IndustryOriginal Article) May 15th, 2006

By Ava Caridad


While it would appear that anti-aging seems to be the number one worry for skin care consumers, there are also a variety of other dermatological concerns, and the products to address them are becoming more specific.

According to data collected by Eucerin, more than 16 million women in the U.S. live with facial redness that often appears on the nose, cheeks and chin, and can take various forms ranging from a slight flush to more noticeable red blotches on the face. The Eucerin Redness Relief Kit includes Soothing cleanser, Daily Perfecting lotion SPF 15, Tone Perfecting créme and Soothing Night créme. All Redness Relief products are specially formulated with licochalcone, a skin soothing extract of the licorice root, are gentle on sensitive skin and Rosacea, and are fragrance- and oil-free, non-irritating and non-comedogenic. The products are formulated with green color neutralizers to instantly counteract visible redness on the skin for an even-toned complexion. The products can be bought separately, while the collective Redness Relief Regimen Trial Kit retails for $14.99.

Estée Lauder’s Re-Nutriv line was launched in 1958. The latest day and night skin cream set has a $900 price tag. Lindi Skin, Ardmore, PA, developed “onocosmetic” products for cancer patients suffering from skin conditions such as sores, open wounds, burns, extremely dry and flaky skin and a loss of skin elasticity as a result of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Lindi Skin combines the latest medical information with innovative skin care ingredients to deliver one-of-a-kind products aimed at infusing some control back into patients’ lives.

Lindi Skin is a collection of soothing balms, body washes and lotions, face serums, eye hydrators, lip balms and skin coolers created to help improve patients’ quality of life—both physically and emotionally. Prices range from $8 to $38.

“These products are great for any skin type, but are specifically designed to help those in cancer treatment,” explained Lindi Snider, chief executive officer, Lindi Skin. “Patients are in treatment because they believe they will survive. They want to live as normally as possible. We help them do that and give them tools they need to fight back.”

The Lindi Skin products use ingredients such as bisabolol (chamomile extract) as an anti-irritant, curcurmin (turmeric extract) for wound healing, grape seed as an antioxidant, portulaca as an anti-inflammatory analgesic, as well as red raspberry seed, white tea, willow herb and white birch extract.



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