Food for the Breasts

Food for the Breasts

December 07, 2020

In honor of breast cancer awareness month we are excited to know that some parsley a day keeps the tatas in play! Thanks to Allure Magazine for the intel... parsley An antioxidant found in parsley may help prevent breast cancer. Researchers gave rats a tumor-promoting hormone and then injected them daily for ten days with either apigenin—a flavonoid in parsley, mint, and celery—or an inactive solution. Only 20 percent of the apigenin-treated group developed tumors, versus 67 percent of the other rats. Apigenin blocks the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors, explains Salman M. Hyder, professor of biomedical science at the University of Missouri. Human trials are needed, he says, but he advises consuming a little parsley every day to achieve a constant level in the blood.

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