From Meat to Millet: How an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Changed My Life

December 07, 2020

The basis of an anti-inflammatory diet is pretty simple. No gluten, very little meat (and if you’re going to eat meat, it has to be grass-fed, antibiotic-free) and no dairy or refined sugar. Meredith Goldberg of Washington, DC, writes in her personal story, "I learned to eat with the DC seasons (apples, pears and squashes in the fall and winter; asparagus in the spring; berries and zucchini all summer) and incorporating different types of beans into meals for added protein, resulting in an ongoing love affair with the chickpea." Read more of Meredith Goldberg's story at http://crazysexylife.com/2012/from-meat-to-millet-how-an-anti-inflammatory-diet-changed-my-life/

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Fragrance is one of the key decisions to be made when creating any skincare products, and our team of doctors, formulators and skincare experts created our formulas with very explicit instructions to design the products without any unnecessary fragrances, dyes, or ingredients.   

However, the key word here is “unnecessary”. 

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