Helping to win back Control of Your Life After Undergoing Cancer Therapy

December 05, 2020

Health Talk Radio with Mealine Cole M.S.

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Excerpt from Health Radio:   “A recent survey by CancerCare showed that nearly 80% of people with cancer were concerned about the impact skin effects had on their quality of life during treatment. Unfortunately, many people don't realize the issues created by skin effects. In a first-ever initiative, renowned health-care providers identify and describe how cancer treatment-related toxicities have a negative effect on quality of life from the perspective of patients and survivors.

Advances in cancer treatments have greatly improved survival rates for many diagnoses. Yet, the lingering side effects of many cancer treatments have only recently begun to be addressed.

For Lindi Snider, the creation of Lindi Skin started with her personal experience watching friends go through cancer treatment. They expected the nausea, fatigue and hair loss associated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but they were not aware of the impact that these therapies would have on their skin. In discovering there was not one line of skin care products specifically developed for people with cancer, it occurred to Lindi that someone had to create one.. and so she did. She aligned herself with dermatologists, oncologists, nurses, patients and skincare formulators to create the first and only complete skin care line developed for the unique needs of people with cancer. She comes on the show to discuss her experiences and how they have changed her life.”

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