Improving the Lives of a Universal Clientele, Skin Care Line Caters to Cancer Patients' Unique Needs

December 05, 2020

(FortWayne.comOriginal Article) December 1st, 2010

Unique skincare formulas throughout the ages have relieved many conditions at specific times of life. One routinely unmet need, however, has been that of individuals undergoing cancer treatment -- until now.
Hair loss and digestive ailments are well known side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, while intense skin rashes and burns are much more common, but lesser known side effects. Those experiencing these debilitating ailments have remained undercover in oncologist offices, cancer centers, support groups, and at home.

Lindy Snider, a skincare pioneer and advocate of skin wellness, has championed addressing these unique needs of cancer patients as well as anyone suffering from chronic dry skin. Her mission was driven home as she watched two friends, who were going through treatment, experience skin conditions so painful that their treatment and lives were seriously impacted.

Seeking the counsel of leading dermatologists and oncologists, Snider created Lindi Skin. This extensive collection of mild and luxurious serums, lotions and balms is the only full line of skincare products created for those suffering the skin side effects of specific cancer therapies.

"We have come to rely greatly on Lindi Skin products, especially the face serum," says Kim O'Neill, RN, OCN. "Without exception, patients have reported noticeable relief of the skin symptoms, both in physical comfort and in the severity of rashes or skin irritation."

Due to advances in treatment and the use of targeted therapies, cancer is no longer automatically labeled a terminal illness, but more so a chronic one. The need for moisturizing the skin during and after treatment becomes even more essential, as the skin's tone and elasticity have often changed forever. Lindi products continue to provide beneficial hydration so this unique clientele can feel pampered and in control.

"Even though I was sensitive to smells at the time, I found the light lavender scent of the Face Serum to be very pleasant and I loved the way my skin felt," says Rita, a cancer survivor. "I never had any dry skin, and in fact, I thought my skin improved somewhat by using the Face Serum."

Lindi Skin hydrates and pampers skin with an exclusive blend of botanical ingredients. These include natural, beneficial ingredients such as willow herb, white tea, lavender, red raspberry, pine bark, grape seed, tomato, cranberry, Echinacea, and tumeric to cleanse, moisturize and cool ailing skin and bring life and beauty back to its surface.

"Skin care should serve each stage of your life," says Snider. "The Lindi Skin mission is to build and maintain skin's wellness in sickness and in health ... for life."

Lindi Skin is available in more than 1,000 retail locations and hospitals throughout the country. To learn more about this line's exclusive benefits, essential products and places to purchase, please visit www.lindiskin.com.


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