Know Your Skincare Ingredients: LSA Complex

December 07, 2020

As you know, Lindi Skin products are made from very unique formulations with special ingredients, the LSA Complex being one of our most important features. 

Well, what is it and why is it so special? When Lindi Skin was in its early product development phase, the first thing we set out to answer was: What do those on cancer treatments really need their skin products to do? Clearly they needed comfort, soothing and healing. They needed to have something that did more than what the creams out in the marketplace provide. After meeting with doctors, nurses and patients, we set criteria as to what our products needed to provide to our customers.

We decided to create a 'complex' that would embody those criteria and which all of our products would be built around. The result was our LSA Complex™. The extraordinary properties in our complex are based on the finest natural ingredients. Listed below are just a few of these botanical extracts and what they do:

Astaxanthin (Algae Extract) Anti-oxidant, anti-irritant
Bisabolol (Extract of Chamomile) Anti-irritant
Curcumin (Extract of Tumeric) Wound Healing
Oat Beta-Glucan Strong anti-inflammatory
Portulaca Analgesic, anti-inflammatory
Red Raspberry Seed Anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant
White Birch Extract Anti-bacteria, anti-viral
White Tea Powerful anti-oxidant
Willow Herb Anti-microbial, Anti-irritant

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