Lindi Skin featured on QVC: “Lights, Camera…Beauty”

December 05, 2020

(Beauty Packaging MagazineOriginal Article) January 15th, 2007


Many individuals fight and beat cancer. Along the way to achieving this victory, however, there may be disheartening side effects that discourage even the bravest patients. Lindi Skin is a line of skin care products created for cancer patients dealing with the side effects of treatment, including nausea from scents, skin sensitivity and skin conditions caused by medication. The company launched its product line at an Oncology Nurse Society meeting several years ago. In 2006, Lindi Skin debuted on the QVC channel.

Lindi Skin products are sold through hospital shops, doctor’s offices, specialty stores and pharmacies. Samples are distributed by pharmaceutical companies and the products can also be purchased online.
“Nurses have become our biggest advocates,” says Jim Kristoff, executive vice president, Lindi Skin. “A lot of times, patients are more willing to talk to them. Sometimes the side effects can be so devastating that patients want to stop the drug program, or cut back on the drug program.”

It was Lindi Skin who approached QVC about the possibility of becoming a vendor. A few months after its first meeting with the network, the company was on the air. Its eight-minute time-slot occurred during a one-hour special titled Pink Ribbon Beauty, which aired in October at 4 p.m. The event focused on raising money and awareness for women’s cancers.
“The time we first met to the time we went on the air was only about 3-4 months,” says Kristoff. “They are always looking for new products and they have a department that hears submissions. If they have a special event coming up they can fast-track you.”
Prior to filming, Lindi Skin executives attended QVC’s Vendor 101 class. The class discussed various logistical issues, including packaging and shipping requirements. Founder Lindy Snider, who was the on-air talent for the event, also attended a one-day training session.
The eight-minute slot enabled Snider to present the company’s best-selling Lindi Skin Face Serums. Also during the time period, the company mission and history were discussed, the product benefits were touted and an explanation of Lindi Skin’s chosen charity was given. Lindi Skin donated a portion of the event’s profits to the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association’s Look Good, Feel Better program.
According to Kristoff, QVC controlled the camera work, cutting between shots of the packaged product and shots of Snider and the host. The product’s packaging, supplied by Card Pak, was not modified for its television appearance.
QVC’s Pink Ribbon Beauty special featured products from many well-known brands, including tarte and philosophy. The other brands have traditionally appealed to a broad female audience, whereas Lindi Skin products were created with a specific target in mind.
Given the broad scope of QVC’s audience, however, Lindi Skin needed to demonstrate its relevance to women in general. Snider explained the company history, but made an appeal to all women with sensitive, dry skin. “It was directed for a general audience,” says Kristoff. “It was explained that the products were great for anybody.”
Lindi Skin has not appeared on QVC since its debut last October. Given the chance, however, they would like to be on again. “We have had people purchase product online that have said they heard about us from QVC,” says Kristoff. “In general, I’d say it was a successful endeavor.”



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