Lindi Skin Eye Hydrator Wins "Best Eye Cream 2010 Award" from Shecky's

Lindi Skin Eye Hydrator Wins "Best Eye Cream 2010 Award" from Shecky's

December 05, 2020

(Shecky’sOriginal Post) December 6th, 2010

The results are in, and Lindi Skin has won an award for having one of the best beauty products in 2010. The Lindi Skin Eye Hydrator received the award for being an innovative product that is one of the “most wallet-worthy and beautifying products that established and emerging brands are making today.”

Read an excerpt below about the Hydrator, followed by some information about the Shecky’s “Beauty at its Best Awards 2010”



Lindi Skin - Eye Hydrator
Sensitive enough to be around your peepers, but powerful enough to reduce puffiness and improve skin tone. The gel seeps straight into the eye area so you can put it on and go—no need even to rub it in!

Price: $30
Where to Buy:

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Claudia Chan
President & Chief Discovery Officer



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