Lindi Skin Founder, Lindy Snider, Speaks at Wellness Community Fashion Luncheon to raises funds to fight cancer

December 05, 2020

Philadelphia, PA (Main Line Media News - Original Article) November 15th, 2010

On Nov. 15, at Gulph Mills Golf Club, the Wellness Community of Philadelphia hosted a luncheon and fashion show.
Over 200 guests showed their support and were  treated to an array of silent-auction items, a delicious luncheon and a fabulous fashion show featuring Vera Bradley's 2010 Winter Collection and Tory Burch denim.

The models who are all cancer survivors, inspired the crowd with their courage and beautiful spirits. Lindy Snider, CEO of Lindi Skin, touched the audience's hearts with her story of bravery and cancer survival. Remarks by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, Vera Bradley co-founder, were part of the program as well as a Vera Bradley gift bag.

In the end spirits were lifted, guests were inspired and the Wellness Community raised funds and fun keeping up their outstanding programs of hope, emotional and educational support for those individuals and families dealing with cancer. 

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