WELL; Really? The Claim: Eating soy increases the risk of breast cancer.

December 07, 2020

Avoiding all things soy due to concerns of a heightened risk of breast cancer? Recent studies suggest that, despite concerns about its phytoestrogen content, eating soy has not been shown to promote breast cancer. Read more at http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9802E1DB113BF935A15755C0A9649D8B63

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Why does Lindi Skin contain fragrances?

December 01, 2021

Fragrance is one of the key decisions to be made when creating any skincare products, and our team of doctors, formulators and skincare experts created our formulas with very explicit instructions to design the products without any unnecessary fragrances, dyes, or ingredients.   

However, the key word here is “unnecessary”. 

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