As a massage therapist for twenty plus years, specializing in touch therapies for cancer patients in the last six years, I have never come across a product line that works so effectively. The results are truly amazing. The difference in my clients skin can be seen and felt immediately. I enjoy the products so much that I now use the line for all my skincare clients with sensitive skin. I use the face serum on dry patches associated with ecsemia or psoriasis .i use the cooler roll for clients that have hot flashes, children that have had too much sun exposure etc. The soothing balm is exceptional for calming any skin irritation. The best and most beneficial product line I have worked with. Made in the USA too, what more could u ask for!!!!!!
Christine Clinton
A friend sent me the total care package just before treatment began last week- your products are already saving my skin which changed overnight from chemo. Thanks so much, I will never use any other skin care line!
I have been advising my patients to use Lindi skin care products for the past few years. They are superior to any other products available that I have seen, to treat skin dryness, irritation, redness, itching that could be resulting from sun burn, dry weather, aging or external treatments, e.g. radiation therapy. All my patients love your products.
May Hashimi, MD
Some one gave me a little bottle of your lavender facial serum. I loved it. I'm single mom, trying to raise two kids. Stress plays a big role in how you look. When I used the serum, I could feel the differance and see a difference in my skin. Which made me feel good all over.Thank you
Cassandra L. - FT. Myers, Florida
I feel ever since I battled breast cancer my body is not my own anymore. There is one thing I depend upon and trust in--the Lindi Skin Products. If you are battling cancer or a cancer survivor you owe it to yourself to try these products. There is not one product that I would not recommend-I just wish I would have know about Lindi Skin during my chemo treatments but now I will be a Lindi Skin customer for life.
Ann - Minersville, PA
My mom recently died from lung cancer. She held on for 3 years. We were all home with her during her final week. I live in CA and she lived in PA. I was trying to find different things to send her to help her feel more comfortable. She told me that her skin was so dry and that it hurt and she was starting to look like an old woman. I went on-line and found Lindi Skincare. Oddly enough your company was located right next to where my parents lived (west chester). So, I knew it was a sign to try out your products. In addition, my Mom was stoked to realize that the person that started the company was somehow linked to the Flyers. I purchased the face moisturizer, the soothing balm and the serum. When I went home she could not thank me enough. These products made her feel like she looked nice again and you could tell that when I was applying them to her face it was such a relief. So, I thank you for the comfort that you gave my Mom in her last couple of days.
Melissa Ritti
I don't have cancer, but your products work really well on my skin. I have been using them for a couple of years and swear by them.
Mary - Bismarck, ND
I have been using the Lindi Skin citrus face serum for about 3 months. This is the absolute BEST product I have ever used on my face. I am 54 years old. I live in a dry climate and the serum does a great job of hydrating my skin and plumping it up. Don't ever stop making it.
Carol - Colorado Springs, CO
Nothing better for cancer skin care!
Sadie - New York
“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your products! They helped me get through 2 years of assorted chemos & radiation treatments looking the best that I possibly could & feeling positively pampered. I will continue to use all my Lindi goodies because I never mess with a good thing!”
Prior to going thru radiation I had tried the soothing balm and was totally convinced that it was a fabulous product and it certainly delivered not only the results that are advertized but even better than my expectations. I have to say that my skin did not suffer a lot because I was devoted to using the body lotion and the soothing balm. I want to thank you for all your support and for creating a total fan of the Lindi skin products. I promote it to all of our ladies that are going thru radiation and chemotherapy. I was surprised at how little it took to help keep my skin integrity and how reasonable it is to give our customers an option that will help them thru the treatments. I wish you lots of success. I will definitely promote Lindi to all our clients.
Aida - Colorado
This lotion is wonderful during chemo
Trudy - Bradenton FL
Tarceva, the medication I take for lung cancer, has played havoc with my skin which has become unbelievably dry and sensitive. Your products are the only ones I can use on my face and body. They actually soothe, whereas all others create a burning sensation. Thanks for a great product.
Phyllis - Coral Gables FL
Thank you so much for such a wonderful product line. It would be impossible for me to decide which item is my favorite.
Susan - San Dimas CA
The Soothing Balm…well, it was a little miracle in a bottle! Only two days of trying the product and I was amazed at the difference. A 4 oz. pump bottle of Lindi Soothing Balm cost me $25. But let me tell you, it is worth every penny! By the end of the first month, my skin was back to its old self! No red areas, no scabs, very little itchiness. There are two small areas that still feel a little hard, but they are getting smaller, and you do not notice them visually. Plus, the product is very comfortable. It does not feel greasy, and it soaks right in. I also want to add that you use very little of the balm each time. Not even a pea sized drop. More like a pearl sized drop. So this little bottle will go a long way.
That's It! Done looking! I don't need anything else for my face. I felt my face looked weathered, old and dry after completing chemotherapy and radiation treatments for breast cancer. There was no glow to my face no matter what I used. I tried lots of different creams and spa treatments. I found Lindi Face Serum. Lindi Face Serum is a miracle -- you have to try it. The serum is like liquid silk, it is very light weight, it spreads like butter, it soaks way into the skin, it feels like nothing you have ever tried on your skin. I use it in the morning and evening daily -- just a few drops. The skin glow is back and I will never be without Lindi Face Serum. And that goes for my sister too, who is not a cancer patient. Thank you, Lindi, for this wonderful product.
Judy - West Palm Beach, FL
I just want to say, that your company is just aswesome. I first came in contact with your products because my neighbor has cancer and I have Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, which I just found out has become active again. When I was at a chemo session, they sent me to the makeup class they were having (I think they knew I really needed a pick me up) and gave me a whole bag of different samples of creams and makeups. So last month I came across it and decided to see if I had anything for my neighbor to use, as her doctor only recommended products from Lindi Skin. So the proverbial bell rang in my head, and I gave her whatever samples I had in the bag, and it was love at first sight. She can't say enough good things about your products. She has bone cancer, and is extremely sensitive to anything that goes on her skin, but these products have been miracle workers for her. I want to again personally thank you for your personal attention, may God bless you and your family and everyone that you love. Life is so short, and must make the best of whatever time we have. Again, many, many thanks and much appreciation.
Mary Ann - Brooklyn NY
I was an RN at a cancer treatment center in PA. I suffer from Rosacea- this is the ONLY product that is so good to my skin. My patients loved it too.
Marie - Wilmington DE
I received a sample of the Citrus Lindi Skin serum in a Cancer Care pack and adore it! My skin was dry before I had cancer and the treatments and medications exacerbate the dryness. I have seen remarkable improvement using the skin serum, which was a perfect addition to the care package. You've won me over as a fan and I'm excited to try out lavender serum too! Thanks!
Linda - Richmond MN
I just want to thank you for providing such wonderful customer service during our phone conversation. I felt like I was talking to an old friend! I have used Lindi Skin Care products for 4 years now and wouldn’t use anything else! Radiation and Chemotherapy really ravaged my skin and using Lindi Skin Care products has restored it better than ever! I have received so many complements about my skin and inquiries as to what products I use. My sister found your site after hearing my complaints about the dryness and irritation I was suffering with because of the cancer treatments. After seeing what it did for my skin, she started using it! I would highly recommend your product to anyone dealing with the harsh effects of chemo/radiation on the skin. Many Thanks,
Susan - Springfield VA
Two months ago I underwent surgery for resection of a GIST ( very rare tumor) and administered Gleevec 400 mg. to prevent re-occurrence of the disease. Within two weeks of taking the drug I developed a rash on the face, neck and upper body. My entire face looked painfully red and my cheeks felt like sand paper. I researched online and decided to try your products. I am amazed by the results after using them for a month. My body is getting adjusted to Gleevec and thanks to Lindi cosmetics my complexion is becoming again clear and smooth.
Elizabeth - Mill Valley, CA
Your products have worked really well for our patients getting Erbitux, Xeloda and radiation treatment amongst others.
Amy - Cumming GA
Used this product all thru chemo. Will continue to use it. Great skin care
Fran - Southlake TX
During radiation, I found myself applying the body lotion all over the radiated area several times a day. The cream is easy to apply, absorbs beautifully and is non-greasy. It is very soothing to irritated, dry skin with almost an immediate feeling of skin rejuvenation. My skin tolerated radiation extremely well which I believe was partially due to the restorative properties of Lindi body lotion. It feels like silk when applied and doesn't "grab" the skin which makes it more comfortable to spread on sensitive skin. I have totally loved this product and have spoken of it's qualities to my radiation oncologist and his staff so that they may recommend it to other patients undergoing treatment. Even though my treatment has ended, I will continue to use this product on a daily basis for it's wonderful soothing feel on dry skin. Thank you for providing a superior product.
Beverly - Buffalo, NY
Three weeks into my breast cancer radiation treatment the skin on my neck was broken, raw and very painful. Every time I moved my head the skin tore open another layer. My husband found the Lindi Skin Cooler Pads online and located a local pharmacy that stocked them. Placing the pad on my neck gave me instant relief and pulled the burn out of the affected area. I used the pads continuously over a three day period and when returning to treatment on Monday the area had healed to a point where I was able to move around. In fact it healed so much that my doctor was amazed. I strongly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for relief from radiation treatment.
Julie - Sebastopol, CA
Both my daughters, ages 20 and 23, use the Lindi products exclusively. It’s the only product that doesn’t give them a fine rash all over their faces. My 20 year old loves the Lavender Face Serum and has shared it with all her friends. My 23 year old is more difficult to serve—she can’t even use ivory soap without rashing but she does use the Lindi Face Serum when she gets very dry and loves the Lip Balm. Your products are wonderful.
Marcia - Los Angeles


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