Complete Chemo Collection: Soothing Balm + Body Lotion + Eye Hydrator + Lip Balm+Face Wash + Body Wash + Face Serum

This Collection contains seven of Lindi Skin's finest products, selected to deliver a complete regimen to battle the most common skin-related side effects of chemotherapy.

Face Serum + Soothing Balm + Body Lotion + Eye Hydrator + Lip Balm+Face Wash + Body Wash

Please choose Lavender or Citrus Face Serum Below: 

All Lindi Products are:

  • Clinically Tested
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. in an FDA compliant facility
  • Dermatologist & Allergy tested
  • Paraben Free
  • Never Tested on Animals
  • Backed by our 30-day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Non-irritating

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Cammie Hendricks

I can only speak to the products as reviewed by others. Those reviews and other Internet searches told me this was the best brand for my sisters friend who is a dear girl going thru chemo treatment. These products are the best gift beside your love and time you can give a chemo patient.

Morgan Everett
So nice and comforting

Love everything about it

Lori S
Love it!

I absolutely love this product! My skin is extremely dry from chemo and everything I’ve tried until now has not worked. So many products have a strong smell or feel oily. This product has the slightest of scents, very pleasant. It is not oily feeling at all.

Lucinda Stobart
Bought this for my sister

Bought this for my sister after chemo. She wasn’t using anything because everything hurt her. So I bought the complete kit along with the moisturizer. My sister loved it! The products didn’t hurt her, and she loved the subtle smell. Thank you!

Jamie Zimmerman
Will be reordering for sure!!

I started chemo recently and my normal face care made me break out in a horrible red, angry rash all over my face. With my long hair gone, the rash was out there for the world to stare at and even mare horrifying, just weeks before my wedding. I looked at the list of products I received from my oncologist and did a search on the products to see what might work best for my skin. Lindi skin was not on the list but I stumbled across it while searching and was immediately interested. I read the reviews and I read the ingredients. I called my oncologist and asked if she'd heard of it. She had not and looked it up immediately while we were on the phone and she approved of the ingredient list. So I ordered the complete chemo collection and I ordered the face moisturizer (which is my only complaint, the face moisturizer should be a part of the complete chemo collection).
Just short of a week later, it arrived and I tried it as soon as I had it in my hands. It was instant relief! The heat of the face rash was instantly cooled and the entire thing felt better immediately. Within a couple of hours there was a noticeable difference in the appearance! Within a few days, my face was almost back to normal! Everything for the face is great! The eye hydrator gave my dry lids instant relief and a little goes a very long way! The body wash/lotion gave my dry skin the relief I was looking for! And one of the best parts...none of the products have a bad or strong smell. I have always been sensitive to fragrance and everything is light and fresh!
I told my oncologist all about Lindi Skin so she can add it to ( hopefully the top of) the list of products for all her other patients. I will continue to use this skin care and will be reordering for sure!! I am so thankful I found this skin care!

What Makes Lindiskin So Special


Lindi Skin is the original Doctor-trusted skincare line designed specifically to meet the unique skincare needs of people battling cancer. Our safe, gentle line has been specially fomulated to soothe and relieve skin irritated by chemo or radiation. In the short video below you will:

  • Learn about the various skin-related side effects that are common during cancer treatments...
  • Discover how Lindi Skin is different from ordinary skincare and how it has been clinically proven to soothe and relieve irritated skin...
  • Learn which Lindi Skin products may be right for you or your loved one...

How To Use:

1. Shower each day using Lindi Skin Body Wash in place of other soaps, and Lindi Face Wash on your face

2. Fresh out of the shower, apply Lindi Skin Face serum liberally to your face & neck. The light serum will begin absorbing rapidly.

3. Also while the skin is still damp, apply Body Lotion to your entire body. The lotion locks in the moisture.

4. Once the Face Serum has absorbed, apply Eye Hydrator to the delicate are under the eyes.

5. Using a Q-tip or clean finger, apply Lip Balm to lips and cuticles 6. Apply Soothing Balm to hands, feet, and any especially dry areas.

Reapply Body Lotion, Soothing Balm & Lip Balm as needed throughout the day.

Wash face with Lindi Face Wash and reapply Face Serum and Eye Hydrator before bed.


Face Serum

Soothing Balm

Body Lotion

Eye Hydrator

Lip Balm

Face Wash

Body Wash