Radiation Burn Care

Lindi’s line of Cooler products were developed specifically to provide soothing and effective radiation burn care. Our Cooler Rolls and Cooler Pads are both made of an incredible hydro-gel material that actually feels cool to the touch at room temperature. They also utilize aloe, green tea, and other natural cooling ingredients to help soothe the area and promote a healthy healing environment. When applied after treatment, our Cooler products deliver instant cooling and relief.

Lindi’s Cooler Pad is best suited for application on flat areas of the body like the torso or legs, while the Cooler Roll tends to be easier to apply to contoured areas of your body like the neck, armpit, or under the breast.

For even more relief, Lindi's Soothing Balm can be applied to the area to not only soothe the surface but also create a protective layer of nutrients for your skin. Since many soaps can act as a major irritant, we also suggest using Lindi's Body Wash, which gently cleanses while moisturizing. These items can be purchased separately below, or found in one of our money-saving collections on our Radiation Skincare Collections Page.

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